The ADFC Bicycle Climate Test is an optimal tool for creating a better bicycle infrastructure. It is beneficial both for cyclists, who point out problem areas, and for cities and municipalities, which receive an overview of areas that need to be improved for cycling.

The goal of Karlsruhe employment promotion gGmbH (afka) is the placement and integration of unemployed people into the labor market. We offer employment, support and qualification. In addition, we support young people in the transition from school to work to enable them to train and avoid unemployment. We are a non-profit social enterprise of the city of Karlsruhe and have been a successful servi read morece provider to the Karlsruhe labor market for over 25 years. Karlsruhe employment promotion gGmbH (afka) is an important service provider for the Karlsruhe labor market. The central business area of afka is publicly supported employment. Our employment services are aimed at the long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged unemployed people in Karlsruhe. Our workshops and businesses offer jobs for the temporary, subsidized employment of unemployed people, especially those who are difficult to place. With this non-profit work, we create daily structure and stabilization, but also the opportunity to (re)acquire technical knowledge and social skills. read less

The Antidiskriminierungsstelle Karlsruhe is located at the Stadtjugendausschuss e.V. and is therefore an independent organisation, which enables us to act independently. We are therefore not an authority. Our work focuses on counselling, education, empowerment and networking. With our counselling we want to support people who experience discrimination. We provide counselling free of charge and bey read moreond the AGG requirements. Counselling is available at any time by appointment. In addition to counselling, we organise workshops and empowerment offers to sensitise and strengthen people. Furthermore, we try to build and maintain a broad network in order to cooperate with various partners. read less

The association "Association des Français de Karlsruhe e.V." has set itself the main goal of promoting the integration of French and Francophones, strengthening Franco-German relations and supporting French culture in Karlsruhe. The association's activities are open to everyone and are not exclusively for French people. Francophones from all over the world as well as Germans who want to improve t read moreheir French are welcome. The association actively promotes a partnership policy and is happy to cooperate with other players in the field of integration policy read less

Since the beginning of 2005, the AWO Migration Counseling Service in the city of Karlsruhe has been offering counseling and support to immigrants and their families. Our goal is to support and accompany immigrants in their individual integration process. The need-oriented individual counseling covers topics such as work, residence, education and language, housing, everyday life and leisure, fam read moreily, finances and health.   read less

BEN Europe is an educational institute for German as a foreign language and intercultural personnel management. We support foreign employees in communicating in a "German-safe" manner. We also support managers and professionals in dealing with cultural diversity in the workplace in a culturally sensitive and productive way.

Caritasverband Karlsruhe e.V. is the welfare association of the Catholic Church. We have been based in Karlsruhe since 1917 and, as an association of "free welfare care", we work closely with many volunteers, pastoral and political bodies and other social institutions. Our services range from early childhood education in our daycare centers and crèches to free counseling services for people in read more special problem situations and comprehensive care and nursing services for senior citizens. read less

As a self-governing institution of the skilled crafts,the Chamber of Skilled Crafts represents the interests of the skilled crafts in the city of Karlsruhe and in the chamber district.It carries out sovereign tasks assigned to it by the state,advises member companies free of charge and makes craftsmen masters of their trade.Immigrants receive targeted support in their search for career prospects.

The Karlsruhe citizen office K8 is located at Kaiserallee 8 and directly at the Mühlburger Tor tram stop. The authority includes various services, including official authentications, certificates of good conduct, registration, passports and ID cards, social security advice, lost property, as well as driver's license and motor vehicle matters.

Here you will find a lot of information about the various services, life situations and the services of the city administration. More and more administrative services can also be done from the comfort of your own home. Below we offer you a list of the most frequently searched digital administrative services of the Karlsruhe city administration.

The Environmental Protection and Employment Protection Office of the City of Karlsruhe is responsible, among other things, for the topics of environment, nature, climate, sustainability and municipal health promotion, and offers a great deal of information, educational opportunities and participation formats in this regard e.g. environmental education. It arranges environmental education support  read moreand provides information material. read less

The Foreigners' Registration Office is an Office responsible for foreigners. Its tasks include providing information and advice, issuing residence permits and permits for employment, visas, permanent residence permits and settlement permits. In addition, integration counseling, especially with regard to language skills.

The External Relations and Strategic Marketing (SAM) unit of the Karlsruhe city administration is the city's international interface to the region, to Stuttgart, Berlin and Brussels, and worldwide. The goal is to clearly position Karlsruhe in international competition. SAM's tasks include steering the strategic direction of external relations, coordinating regional, cross-border and European co read moreoperation as well as municipal development cooperation, and expanding and maintaining a European and worldwide network. read less

The tasks of equality work are comprehensive and diverse. The city's Equal Opportunities Officer and her team work towards equality both within the city administration and in city society.

The tasks of the Karlsruhe Education and Sports Office include, for example, equipping school buildings, transporting pupils, school meals, supplementary care, staff support for all-day elementary school with partial vacation care, sports promotion, sports projects, education planning, education coordination for new immigrants and public relations. The education office of the Karlsruhe education r read moreegion is affiliated. read less

The social and youth welfare authorities have a wide range of tasks. They range from assistance for special groups of people and care services to housing promotion and provision.

The Migration Advisory Council has the task of advising the municipal council in the fulfillment of its tasks by means of suggestions, recommendations and statements in all questions concerning the organization of living together in the international urban society and in particular the integration of migrants living in Karlsruhe.

Cultural education is an important component of the school's educational mission and of a holistic understanding of education. It provides young people in particular with a variety of opportunities to lead a meaningful life in a complex, fast-moving age. It supports the development of the personality, encourages individual action and the assumption of responsibility, and trains emotional as well a read mores rational, social and aesthetic human abilities.   read less

The Stadtjugendausschuss e.V. Karlsruhe (stja) is the umbrella organization of Karlsruhe's youth associations and providers of open child and youth work. The leadership is formed by an honorary board, which is supported by a management and over 250 full-time professionals. The Karlsruhe model, which is unique in Germany in its organizational form, combines open child and youth work (facilities) read more with the work of the mostly volunteer-run member associations (youth associations).   read less

The CJD is an educational and social enterprise that bases its work on the Christian image of man. The guiding principle "No one should be lost!", which has been coined since the foundation of the work in 1947, means for the CJD today that every person is entitled to participate in life and society. The CJD enables people to shape their lives successfully. The strengths of the CJD are needs-or read moreiented, networked offers for people in all phases of life, which are supported by the vision of an inclusive society. The CJD is a quality provider and network designer in the social space and cooperates with suitable partners. read less

COLA TAXI OKAY is an intercultural project space that aims to create a place for encounters, exchange and creative work. We want to enable mutual cultural integration, in any form and for everyone - Karlsruhe residents as well as immigrants and refugees. If you feel like starting your own event in our space, or even if you just have some vague ideas you'd like to discuss with us, come by and we read more'll help you plan and implement it. Or just talk to us at your next event! From cooking evenings, theater workshops, jam sessions, discussions or bazaars to movie nights, parties, and exhibitions - there are no limits to your imagination! You already have a concrete idea or you just want to have a look: We meet every Tuesday at 19:00 o'clock for a team meeting in our room at Kronenplatz and then sit together informally from about 20:30 o'clock. Feel free to come by! read less

The old Seilerhäuschen -Kaiserstraße 47- is the home of a meeting kitchen with an experience space in the middle of the city centre - a socio-cultural centre that enables the integration of different age groups, social classes and nationalities, the support and promotion of social and political work and the realisation of democratic decision-making structures, as a prerequisite for the active an read mored responsible participation of as many people as possible. read less

With over 1,200 members, CyberForum as a non-profit association is the largest regionally active Hightech. Unternehmer.Netzwerk. in Europe. From start-ups and software companies to experienced entrepreneurs and international information technology providers to research institutions and universities - CyberForum brings them all together. A platform for networking as a direct link between competence read more, business contacts and career prospects. read less

The DGB is the umbrella organization of the 8 affiliated trade unions in the region. The DGB is represented in Norbaden with the Mannheim office, as well as offices in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. As a single trade union, we are politically independent, but not neutral. We represent the interests of our members vis-à-vis counties, municipalities, political parties and associations. The member union read mores are responsible for member support, operational work and collective agreements. read less

We have grown since 1979! We had already outgrown two buildings and a new extension was also necessary to provide the necessary space for the constantly increasing number of students and new courses of study. We started with 48 students and 32 training companies. 35 years later, we have over 3,000 students enrolled and have worked with over 1,400 companies to date. During this time, we have presen read moreted 10,000 graduates with their diplomas and over 1,000 with their bachelor's degrees. After being elevated to the status of a regular institution of the state in the early 1980s, we have now been formally granted university status since March 1, 2009, becoming the Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg Karlsruhe - DHBW Karlsruhe for short. The optimal conditions of the Karlsruhe location with its flourishing economy on the one hand and the top-class academic institutions on the other hand allow us to look to the future with optimism. Those who can benefit from the best of both worlds will continue to grow strongly in the coming years. read less

Advice, support, a home. In our specialist office for the professional integration of refugees - advice center for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, we advise refugees and third-country nationals on the recognition of their foreign school qualifications and professional qualifications.

Caritas is more than an organization. It is a basic attitude towards people, especially towards people in need. It has its roots in Jesus' love for people. Like him, Caritas sees its task in meeting people with love and respect, regardless of origin, status or religion. Everywhere.

EduRef - Education for Refugees e.V. is a non-profit association from Karlsruhe and a university group at KIT. The goal of EduRef is to create educational opportunities for refugees. The focus is especially on IT topics. Previous courses have included Java programming courses for beginners as well as for advanced learners, and Microsoft Office is also taught.

All citizens can use the help of the employment agency if they are looking for a job or training. Training is important so that one can work as a skilled worker. Even people who already have a job can get advice and support if they are looking for a change. Age does not matter. If you want to work in Germany, you can plan and build a future - for yourself and your family. The employment agency can read more help with this. At, there are many links to help you: for recognition of your professional qualification from your home country, German courses, social security, starting a business, financial support or job search. A lot of information about the German employment agency is available in easy language. There you can see an overview of the many offers. The user guide provides assistance. You can also search for your topic. read less

As a competence center for migration and integration in Germany, the Federal Office is not only responsible for carrying out asylum procedures and protecting refugees, but is also the driving force behind the nationwide promotion of integration. The range of tasks also includes migration research.

Since 1987, the fka - Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. has been working as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for the rights of refugees and migrants. The association is non-profit, both denominationally and politically independent and a member of the German Parity Welfare Association. The main tasks of our work are counselling for migrants as well as education and trauma work.

Flüchtlingshilfe Karlsruhe e.V. has been a meeting point for refugees and Karlsruhe residents since 2017. In the Lernbox and our welcome café Salon Ressource - currently here at Alter Schlachthof 11 - we show every week what integration can look like in practice: from language acquisition to tutoring, from support with forms to finding internships and much more.

The non-profit foundation CCFA Karlsruhe is a bilingual cultural and language centre in the heart of Karlsruhe. Our offer includes: - Language acquisition o French courses for language acquisition, exam preparation, business French and thematic courses o Group and individual lessons for all ages and levels o DELF/DALF exams o at the CCFA, at your place or virtually - Children & teenagers read more, kindergartens and school classes o Language animation, French AG's, workshops on intercultural competences, theatre..., readings, handicraft afternoons, among others o French playgroup for children from 0 to 6 years of age o Information on opportunities abroad (we are an information point of the German-French Youth Office) - Culture o Cultural events throughout the year o Exhibitions, concerts, readings, workshops, action days ... - Exchange o German-French regulars' table. Meet, exchange ideas and make new friends. (free of charge) o Ciné Club: Film evenings followed by a joint exchange en français. (for a donation) - Media library o Classics, new releases and DVDs. Our focus is on French-language media suitable for language acquisition. We also have a selection of specially designed books for children and young people from creative French publishers: pop-up books, artistically designed albums, comics, games and much more! (Free of charge) Further information and advice at, +49 (0)721 160380 or our newsletter. read less

The association Freunde für Fremde (Friends for Foreigners) has been helping people who come to Germany as immigrants to settle in here since 1999. Whether they have found their way to Germany as refugees, students, partners of Germans or for beruflichen reasons, it does not matter.

The MenschenRechtsZentrum (MRZ) was born out of necessity. It was, and still is, about giving the various organizations involved in human rights in Karlsruhe a place where they can work. At the same time, the cooperation between these organizations should be strengthened and lobbying for human rights should be done. The Karlsruhe Human Rights Center (MRZ) was founded in 1996 as a joint initiati read moreve of various human rights and refugee aid organizations and is run on a voluntary basis by committed citizens. The idea was to provide a common roof for the human rights organizations located in Karlsruhe. Representatives of the participating associations founded their own non-profit association, the "Menschenrechtszentrum Karlsruhe e. V.", which is responsible for the operation and organization of the center, but which also organizes its own events, seminars and public relations work. read less

I.d.E., Integration through Employment, sees its range of education and services as a practicing culture of welcome and offers innovative concepts for the integration of immigrants into German society and the German labor market. Our core competence is in the field of immigrant integration. We have extensive target group knowledge and hold functional and sustainable language and further educ read moreation offers. The key to professional opportunities and social participation lies in the acquisition of linguistic expression and comprehension skills. All further integration and qualification processes build on this. read less

The IB's Youth Migration Services (JMD) support young people with a migration background between the ages of twelve and 27, regardless of their residence status, in their linguistic, educational, vocational and social integration into society.

Since 1983, ikubiz has represented this welcoming culture towards different people and acted accordingly. Its multicultural team forms the basis for the permanent confrontation with the topics of migration and integration and for equal opportunities. Not only since economic requirements demanded it, but from the very beginning, the social, educational and professional integration of children, y read moreoung people and adults from immigrant families has been the basis for all ikubiz offers. Gender-sensitive, respectful and resource-oriented encounters enable easy access to the immigrant community as a prerequisite for trustful cooperation. read less

Since 1995, the International Meeting Centre (ibz) has been working for a solidary and cosmopolitan society, for the reduction of prejudices and against right-wing extremism. This is done through a wide range of intercultural and socio-political events, but also by promoting encounters in integration projects. The ibz is also a central point of contact for all questions concerning immigration.

The IQ Network Baden-Württemberg is part of the funding program "Integration through Qualification (IQ)", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the European Social Fund (ESF). Our goal is to improve the labor market integration of adult migrants. Since 2011, we have been working with local, regional and statewide stakeholders to offer counseling and qua read morelification services and promote networking among labor market stakeholders. The IQ Network Baden-Württemberg consists of 29 operational partners working in a total of 38 sub-projects. In addition, our network cooperates with a large number of strategic partners at the state and municipal level. read less

The Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry and Commerce helps companies in the region in numerous ways. For example, we strengthen young people's entrepreneurial thinking and understanding of business in schools, support entrepreneurs and start-ups, promote vocational training and continuing education, mediate innovation partnerships between companies and research, and advocate municipal planning. Training read more is a special concern for us!   read less

We create and communicate knowledge for society and the environment. To this end, we provide outstanding services from basic research to application on a broad disciplinary basis in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, and the humanities and social sciences. We make significant contributions to the global challenges facing mankind in the fields of energy, mobility and information.  read more As a major scientific institution, we compete internationally and occupy a leading position in Europe.   read less

The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, on behalf of the state of Baden-Württemberg, serves approximately 46,000 students in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim in all matters concerning their studies: whether BAföG & student financing, dormitories, dining halls & cafeterias, studying with children, free psychotherapeutic counseling, student culture and much more. Just check out read more read less

As a university of education with the right to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, we research and teach educational processes in and out of school. Our distinctive profile is shaped by our focus on education in a democratic society, educational processes in the digital world, and STEM in a culture of sustainability. Approximately 220 academic staff supervise around 3,600 students. The ra read morenge of courses includes teacher training programs for primary and lower secondary education as well as bachelor's and master's programs for other educational fields. The in-service continuing education programs are characterized by their particular proximity to research and practice. read less

mira is a counselling centre providing support and information on labour law issues for people with a refugee background and people from third countries. Counselling is available in Stuttgart, Tübingen, Karlsruhe and Freiburg; counselling is also available throughout Baden-Württemberg by telephone and e-mail. Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Serbian.

The Integration Officer and her team aim to promote the equal participation of people in Karlsruhe and social peace in the city. Behind this is the conviction that all people who live here are Karlsruheers. They should be valued regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and lifestyle. As the central integration office of the city of K read morearlsruhe, the Office for Integration works closely with a large number of independent institutions and migrant organisations, volunteers, schools, daycare centres and public authorities. The Office for Integration supports and advises the City Council and the Migration Advisory Board of the City of Karlsruhe as well as the municipal administration on all questions of integration policy. read less

We want all people to be able to live their sexuality in a self-determined way and decide freely about parenthood. We also advocate for this in politics and in public. Do you have questions about pregnancy, sexuality, partnership or parenthood? At pro familia, you will receive professional, confidential counseling. Your rights are at the forefront of our work.

RDVBW offers help and support in all life situations for all migrants from Karlsruhe - especially for Romanian fellow citizens. The current offers are: Integration counseling Kitalotsen - assistance with registration in the KITA portal of the city of Karlsruhe Counseling for homeless people Supportive family assistance Women's cafe. Appointments by appointment. Address: K read moreaiserallee 12d, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany. Contact:   read less

SINGA is a global movement that brings locals and newcomers together to engage in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects. SINGA is committed to an open society that enables everyone to develop their talents and potential. SINGA Stuttgart was founded in 2018 and now also offers its programs in Karlsruhe.

The Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF) offers a variety of counseling and support services for women and families under the guiding principle: Socially Creative Flexible. We offer our counseling and support services regardless of confession and nationality.

Soma­li Cul­ture and Inte­gra­tion Asso­ci­a­tion Karlsruhe
We take care of Somali and other African refugees in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area, but not only of refugees, but also of compatriots from Somalia and other African countries who have been living here for a long time.

We at SOZPÄDAL carry out socio-educational projects to support socially disadvantaged persons and groups of persons. In doing so, we are primarily concerned with people who are not or not sufficiently covered by the public assistance system. We work in the field of homeless assistance and youth welfare.

The Landsmannschaft pursues exclusively non-profit and charitable purposes, i.e. its work is not aimed at economic profit. Any profits are used in accordance with the statutes. The employees of the Landsmannschaft in the federal, state and local boards work on a voluntary basis. The funds of the Landsmannschaft come almost exclusively from membership fees and donations from members.

At Über den Tellerrand, we create opportunities for people of different cultures to meet and get to know each other, based on shared interests. Founded in Berlin in 2013, our diverse activities, mentoring programs, cookbooks and cooking courses now bring people together in over 35 cities across Germany and around the world.

The vhs Karlsruhe is the largest educational institution for general education topics and family and, as the largest language school in the region, also conducts the most German courses. An extensive integration program in the areas of culture and work expands the actual German learning program. In addition to the core vhs, we operate a school for adults with an evening school and evening high sch read moreool as well as the annual course as preparation for the external secondary school leaving examination. It is important to us that these school-leaving certificates are permeable through flanking bridge and support courses from the German course to a school-leaving certificate to vocational orientation and qualification modules. read less

We are the central point of contact for international specialists and young professionals who want to work and live in the TechnologieRegion and for companies in the region that are interested in international specialists. In our function as a pilot and interface, we work closely with many local, regional and international players.

The Diakonisches Werk Karlsruhe is especially concerned with people in physical need, in emotional distress and in socially difficult or unjust circumstances. We want to help, comfort and eliminate the causes of hardship. Every person has his or her God-given dignity. The basis of our work is to respect and accept people.

The Working Group for Training and Further Education (AAW) is a non-profit recognized educational institution that has been qualifying many participants - mainly in the professional field - for more than 40 years. One focus of our work in the city and district of Karlsruhe are courses, projects and coaching offers in the area of "German as a second or foreign language". Thanks to our many years read more of experience and the wide range of content and target groups in our projects, we have a broad and well-founded expertise in this area, which we continue to expand. read less

The Verein für Jugendhilfe e.V. Karlsruhe is a recognised provider of voluntary youth and delinquent aid. We offer a wide range of services and projects in the area of help with upbringing, outpatient help and independent help for delinquents. Our guiding principle: We offer professional, individual and solution-oriented help for self-help for young and adult people and families in special social read more situations. read less

The initiative of our association goes back to a small group of refugee youths who were committed to supporting other youths in their Karlsruhe schools in learning and in dealing with formalities. This gave rise to the idea of organizing this support on a larger scale. Since we ourselves have experienced the challenges of arriving in a new country, we would like to help people who come to Germa read moreny from other countries to settle in more easily. read less