Bike school, bike tours, cours­es and self-help workshop

Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00
Thursday 15:00 - 18:00

ADFC (All­ge­mein­er Deutsch­er Fahrrad­club Kreisver­band Karlsruhe)

ADFC — All­ge­mein­er Deutsch­er Fahrrad­club Kreisver­band Karl­sruhe is a club that rep­re­sents the inter­ests of every­day and hob­by cyclists of all age groups.
Main areas of work:
— Plan­ning and guid­ing bike tours
— Activ­i­ties and infor­ma­tion stands at events, com­pa­nies or just for fun!
— Pub­lic rela­tions: Inform cyclists by newslet­ter, home­page or press release
— Help­ing to organ­ise bicy­cle traf­fic in Karlsruhe
— Sup­port at or bike-office: the week­ly ser­vice of the ADFC for all cyclists
— Pre­ven­tion of bicy­cle theft: Cod­ing and lock advice
— Bike check and bike repair

Target group: all
This event is not gratis
All­ge­mein­er Deutsch­er Fahrrad­club (adfc)
All­ge­mein­er Deutsch­er Fahrrad­club Kreisver­band Karlsruhe
Kro­nen­straße 9, 76133 Karl­sruhe