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What do we stand for? 

AniKA — Ankommen in Karlsruhe (Arriving in Karlsruhe) is an alliance of actors working on integration policy in the city of Karlsruhe. The aim of the AniKA alliance is to further develop the Karlsruhe Welcome Structure and to establish the Karlsruhe Integration Path. AniKA promotes the attractive aspects of Karlsruhe to immigrants.

AniKA should be the first point of contact for all newcomers. AniKA should inform all newcomers quickly and provide suitable offers. The alliance aims to involve all actors in the city of Karlsruhe who are in contact with immigrants and connect them on an equal footing. The alliance enriches its partners in their work by facilitating exchange. As a living and learning alliance, the focus is on regular exchange and joint development. The alliance members actively promote visibility and awareness of AniKA. Diversity, multiculturalism, and a commitment to essential free and democratic values are first principle guidelines for our work. AniKA speaks for alliance partners and immigrants in politics and empowers them by supporting their participation in the democratic process.

What do we want to achieve?

The aim of our work is to give immigrants simple and clear support and to make it easier for them to find their way around their new home. AniKA increases the visibility and transparency of the alliance partners’ offers in simple language. Structures of administration and public life should be understandable. To this end, new offers are continuously added in a constant exchange with administrators and local politicians. AniKA strives to act as a bridge between those involved in integration policy and their target groups. AniKA enhances the work driving integration policy by creating encounters between immigrants and other interested stakeholders.

How will we achieve it? 

AniKA has clear structures and transparent decision-making channels. The network creates a constant exchange of professional experience and a flat hierarchy among alliance partners. In regular alliance meetings, partners, through an intensive exchange of expertise, coordinate a joint approach, develop common topics, and distribute essential tasks. For example, working groups could be set up dedicated to specific topics such as the job market, integration, understanding administrative structures or administrative responsibilities, or cultural education.

AniKA management prepares alliance meetings in cooperation and in close coordination with the AniKA steering group and communicates the results to all partners. The goals of AniKA are supported by alliance partners who are actively involved in developing strategies and disseminating AniKA’s work.

How do you become a member?

Individuals and organizations are welcome to become members as long as they are involved in immigration and integration, share AniKA’s goals and values, and are willing to regularly work within the alliance. The AniKA mission statement is the basis of cooperation and is supported and lived by all members.

Integration partners can be institutions, authorities, agencies, clubs, associations and other non-commercial providers. The steering group decides on new alliance members. These present themselves in the alliance with a biography, which can also be viewed on the AniKA website.


The AniKA alliance enters into collaborative partnerships with enterprises, companies and foundations that support the alliance. Their offers can be viewed on the AniKA website, but they are not members of the AniKA alliance themselves.