Parental allowance (Eltern­geld)

Parental allowance: Eltern­geld (parental allowance) is avail­able to moth­ers or fathers after the birth of their child.

Moth­ers or fathers can receive the basic parental ben­e­fit for 12 months,

  • If they are the pri­ma­ry car­ers for the child after its birth,
  • And do not work, study or train for more than 30 hours per week,
  • If both par­ents share the child­care time, the parental allowance can be paid for up to 14 months.

There are sev­er­al types of parental allowance. Find out more at:

L‑Bank- Bere­ich
76113 Karl­sruhe

By tele­phone: Mon­day to Fri­day (from 08:00 — 16:30)
Tel.: 0800 664 5471
Email: familienfoerderung@l‑

What doc­u­ments do I need?

  • Birth cer­tifi­cate (orig­i­nal)
  • Proof of your income
  • Pos­si­bly oth­er proofs (enquire by phone)

What do you receive?

  • Notice of parental allowance (Please keep this doc­u­ment safe for future use)